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Patient Identification

Recruitment assistance

Our software solution eREC can be easily integrated into the following existing systems: Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Doctor Information Systems (DIS) or Tumor Documentation Systems (TDS). Due to this integration, data can be simultaneously compared with set clinical trial parameters each time an entry is made.

The identification process works in both directions: on the one hand it is possible to search for the right clinical trials for particular patients and on the other hand, patients who are suitable for a certain study can be selected.

Therefore, eREC ensures to tap a trial site’s full patient potential at any time.

eREC offers

  • A quick and easy identification of candidates for a clinical trial
  • An overview of clinical trials being conducted at the study-site
  • Maximum extraction of the recruitment potential in a medical practice, clinic or study-site


We will be pleased to show you all possibilities of eREC!

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