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The electronic trial feasibility

The electronic feasibility (eSPA) is a retrospective analysis, which provides reliable results about the potential of implementing a clinical trial in a trial site.

The matching tool compares any number of patient data of a free choosable time period with a defined selection of clinical trial parameters (based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria) to represent the patient potential of the trial site. All relevant patients of the analysed time period will be considered to tap the full potential.

In the end an interactive dashboard graphically shows the number of potentially suitable patients for a clinical trial in various time periods (overall view, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly).

Therefore, eSPA allows the

  • measurement of reliable and reproducible results
  • effective choice of trial sites
  • simple, transparent and safe planning of trial recruitment
  • reduction of process-related costs and time


If you would like to know more about the functionalities of eSPA, contact us.

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