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Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy

This page aims to briefly explain what the term cookie implies, how we make use of cookies and how you as a user can manage and adjust them.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small encrypted text files which are stored in the browser. Since cookies improve navigation and the usage of certain functions, they mainly serve to enhance the user’s overall internet experience. Due to the fact that webpages lack memory, it has become common to integrate cookies in order to remember user preferences. Consequently, these preferences will be stored and can be invoked whenever users interact with a page. Subsequently, users benefit from a faster navigation through the website.

Generally, loading websites on your browser results in the creation of cookies. The webpage sends information back to the browser, which will create a text-file. Every time the user returns to this webpage, the browser retrieves the cookie and sends the information back to the website. As a result, cookies regulate, for instance, the insertion of advertisement and the functionality of widgets and other elements.

How We Use Cookies

Besides save cookies, we make use of third-party cookies, namely Google Analytics. This highly prevalent tool enables us to understand how users navigate through our homepage and therefore offers possibilities on how we can change and incorporate certain features to create an improved and more appealing experience for users. More concretely, Google Analytics, for example, tracks how much time users spend on webpages or counts frequencies of the pages visited. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page. Please note that we are saving cookies for 24 hours.

Adjusting Cookies 

You have the possibility to adjust your browser settings, if you want to disable cookies. We recommend consulting your browser’s help section on how to do this. However, since disabling cookies does not only affect certain features, but the whole functionality of a website, it is recommended to leave on all cookies.

More Information

Should you need more information on cookie usage in general or specifically with regard to cookies on our webpage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email : info@evimed.com

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